About us


Mercator Financial was founded in 1998 and officially opened for business on December 1, 1999. As one of the leading financial planning firms in Swift Current our professionals have created long-term relationships with our clients based on trust. We are a firm that prides ourselves on our commitment to serving our clients and our community. We have formed a team of Certified Financial Planners, Professional Advisors and qualified staff we believe will help our clients create a life that centers on their individual goals and dreams. We are Open, Forthright, Accountable and Committed. We are passionate about financial planning with the end result to “Awaken Your Wealth”.


At Mercator Financial our Wealth Advisors offer more than retirement, insurance and investment advice. While these are critical to good planning, a wealth advisor takes planning to another level. We ask the hard questions in order to find the answers to ensure your life journey is everything you dreamed. When we truly understand what drives you, when we understand your values and goals, we are at our best. That is when we can make a real difference. The pursuit of wealth is a long and challenging voyage. We are committed to helping you navigate through life’s obstacles and opportunities by providing ongoing advice and solutions. We invite you to connect with a Wealth Advisor for a Wealth Awakening.