Mercator’s Gallery

Events and Community are important to our firm as they connect us to our clients, businesses and groups in a manner that can be fun and educational. We hope you enjoy the Mercator Gallery of our client and community events we are involved in.   

To find out more information about upcoming Mercator Client Events and Our Community involvement check out the links.

Upcoming Mercator Client Events

In Our Community

Festival 2016 – A favourite munching spot!

Lori and Karla on popcorn and cotton candy duty!The Community Festival has a Family BBQ for the evening as well as the popular cotton candy and popcorn.  All proceeds raised are donated

Festival 2016 – A simple pleasure!

A Simple Pleasure!Everyone one loves bubbles and it was fun to watch all ages engage at the bubble table.  We admit our staff had some fun too!

Festival 2016 – Bounce Castles, Slides & Playground fun!

The Community Festival is held in conjunction with City Wide registration. The evening has lots taking place for the Charity Spotlight groups. To keep the kinds entertained inflatable slide, obstacle course,

Stark & Marsh Go-Green – Lending Community Support

Lending Community Support.The Stark & Marsh accounting firm organize an annual Go-Green day with the City of Swift Current to keep our community vibrant.Donna & Sandi helped with the bank

Stark & Marsh Go-Green – Ready to plant

Go Green Helpers!Mercator staff Toni, Craig and Lori volunteer on Go Green Friday to plant shrubs in the City.

Stark & Marsh Go-Green – let’s get busy!

Everyone has a job. Lori is busy planting shrubs, while Toni is hauling dirt! We heard it is much harder than sitting at their desks for the day…rumour has it