Mercator Videos

At Mercator Financial we value time and knowledge; we also understand sneaking in a few minutes to read long articles can be difficult. The short videos we have selected share some valuable information and they are easy to understand.

    Retirement Myths Debunked

    Snowbirds & U.S. Tax

    Estate Maximization

    Pay down your Mortgage or Top-up Your TFSA?

    Broker vs Fiduciary

    What is a Financial Plan?

    Key Person Insurance

    Mortgage vs Individual Insurance

    Should I contribute to a TSFA, an RRSP, or both? 
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      TFSA or RRSP? Take your pick.

      Why use a Financial Advisor

      Perm Vs Term Insurance

      Protecting Your Wealth With Insurance

      Long Term Care Insurance

      Critical Illness

      Ready to Retire

      Dollar Cost Averaging

      What is a Segregated Fund

      Segregated Funds vs Mutual Funds