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Mercator 2018 Correspondence

July 2018Month End Market Commentary

June 2018 – Keeping You Informed Articles links below plus the First Half Market Tracking results

   RRSP?  TFSA?  RESP? Making the most of your saving options
   Canadians Unprepared for Financial Impact of Disabilities

   Markets in Review (First Half Market Tracking) 
   Aging Well 

May 2018
Month End Market Commentary

April 2018
– Month End Market Commentary

March 2018
– First Quarter Advisor Comments (Also contains First Quarter 2018 Market Tracking Results)

February 2018 – Month End Market Commentary

January 2018
Month End Market Commentary 

New Year Edition 2018 –
New Year Edition Newsletter (Also contains Second Half 2017 Market Tracking Results)

Mercator Financial Archived Correspondence