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June 2018 Mercator Financial Inc. Charity Spotlight is on The Center | Swift Current Community Youth Initiative


The Center is a Non-Profit organization that exists to INSPIRE the youth of Swift Current one relationship at a time to make positive life decisions and become part of the community and society. The Swift Current Community Youth Initiative (SCCYI) is driven by a passion to address the needs of youth today. The organization strives to make youth related resources, programs and counselling readily available, affordable and easily accessible. They rely heavily on volunteers throughout weekly operations, and most importantly, on the weekend Drop-in Nights. The goal of the SCCYI is to provide a safe and fun environment, to build relationships with youth that would see them finding the help they need. Success of the Center is due to the gracious hearts of those that are willing to give up their time and money.

Program Information:

Programs for youth are what make the Center – SCCYI a place that our young citizens can turn to. With the support of volunteers and staff, youth can reach out and receive counseling, support groups, networking, mentoring and so much more. The goal is to develop positive relationships with young people, especially those at risk.

The Zone Summer Program – Runs at the Center by the City of Swift Current.

      • Program is for youth from grades 6-9 (ages 11 – 14)
      • July 3rd – August 10th
      • Monday – Thursday: 1:00 pm – 4:30 pm
      • Friday: 10:30 – 4:30

The Gate Youth Program – Runs every Monday night at the Center from 7pm-9pm for youth ages 12-17. Youth are encouraged to enjoy an evening that will have snacks, games and resources inside the Center. During the evening Group leaders will move youth through a practical, Biblical-based life lesson.

Youth and Family Counselling – This service is a vital part of what the Center is trying to accomplish in the Southwest. Offered FREE for youth and families, just contact Jody to book a completely confidential appointment. Counselling is provided by a certified counselor, to which services include: depression, anxiety, family issues, developmental issues, grief and loss, anger management, and much more.

After School Free Supper – Runs at the Center. The goal is to provide a nutritious meal in a different social environment. 

      • Wednesday and Thursday a FREE hot supper is served around 4:15pm for youth that attend after school program.
FREE Tutoring – Held Tuesday evenings during the school year tutoring to High School aged youth is available to those that need assistance in all subjects: French, Math, Science and Humanity based subjects are all available for extra help by qualified tutors with experience in the education field.

FREE Guitar Lessons – Every Thursday during the school year there are guitar lessons offered for those interested in learning. Beginner and advanced classes available and 10 guitars have been donated so youth without access to a guitar can learn too.

Virtual Reality System – The VR system adds yet another option of interactive fund in the Center. This state of the art gaming system provides an aspect to The Center you need to experience first hand to truly get the full affect of just how cool it is! And like every game in the Center, it is completely FREE!

 – Available FREE to all youth at the Center – a new Arcade room that features 3 classic arcade cabinets with hundreds of games to choose from on each machine.

Friday and Saturday Night Drop-In – Every weekend of the year the Center is open for youth from grades 6 -12. 
  • Friday: 7pm – 1am
  • Saturday: 8pm – 12am
  • Hang-out with friends and play pool, video games, board games, arcade, air hockey etc.
  • Bi-Monthly Special Events – FUN entertainment that is unforgettable!
    • Competitions
    • BBQ’s
    • Talent nights
    • Movie nights
Testimonials: “I enjoy coming to The Center because it is a safe environment for me and my peers to be at. I enjoy all the programs throughout the week with guitar lessons, after school tutoring, and of course the supper on Wednesdays. The weekend drop ins are also a good place to be instead of being out at a party.” ~Anonymous Youth

“I enjoy coming to The Center because you can hang out with your friends and have fun playing games while also meeting new people, and to get away from my older brother.” 
~Anonymous Youth


The Center – Swift Current Community Youth Initiative opened on November 19, 2010. It was initiated by the Eastside Church of God who saw a need for an At-Risk Youth Center in Swift Current. They bought the building to provide a place for endless possibilities. They have supported the SCCYI and collaborated on how everything would be established and operated.

The Provincial Government, RCMP, City of Swift Current, Chinook School Division, Service Groups and many other non-profits and businesses around Swift Current have played an integral part in financial, moral and overall support of The Center and SCCYI.

Ways you can help:

      • After school supervision
      • Wednesdays – volunteers to help prepare after school meal. Great opportunity for Church groups, businesses or service groups)
      • * Friday night volunteers
      • * Saturday night volunteers
      • Maintenance and repair of facility
      • Graphic design
      • Inspiring camp trip
      • Baking or cooking for special events
OUR BIGGEST NEEDS indicated above with *

Contact 306-773-3344 for more information about policies, rules and how you can help.

To learn more about the Center | SCCYI  visit their website at http://sccyi.ca or through Social Media

Executive Director: Nathan Wiebe  
Program Director: Kenton Unruh 
Program Administrator: Kelsey Krahn
Youth & Family Counselor:  Jody Spreckley  
Office Manager: Trish Gaetz

Facebook:  The Center in Swift Current; Twitter: @TheCenterSC; YouTube: sccyiTheCenter Instagram: thecenter_sc

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