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May 2018 Mercator Financial Inc. Charity Spotlight is on Southwest Homes.


Southwest Homes exists to provide support and services to children and adults with an Intellectual Disability. A variety of residential and vocational programs are offered that consider each individual’s strengths and needs. Part of the organization’s objective is to provide well kept, affordable apartment housing and support for individuals. The organization also offers temporary respite and emergent care services to the community for persons with disabilities.

By providing services for the persons served by the organization it allows individuals to experience feelings of worth and dignity, develop positive self-concept and experience importance and equality. Individuals will be free to express true feelings in an acceptable manner without fear, ridicule or apathy; they will realize their strengths and use them. They will also discover that a disability need not to limit a person. Individuals will be allowed to make informed decisions concerning themselves, their homes and experience natural and logical consequences of their decisions which will maximize their potential for independence. 


February 1, 1974 the Department of Social Services approved funding for the first adult group home in Swift Current. In 1983 “Southwest Homes for the Handicapped” was approved as a non-profit organization and in 1984 the second adult group home began construction officially opening September of 1986. In 2004 the name was legally changed to “Southwest Homes Inc.” and in October 2005 another group home was opened. In 2008 three new programs were added to the organization and the Angel House (group home for children) was established. To assist with the program a 2006 Ford Windstar van was donated and Safeway raised $9,982.00. By 2013 with the support of the community, various groups and bequeathed Estates the Southwest Homes Inc. had 7 adult group homes and 1 children’s group home plus various residential and vocational programs.

Program Information:

Southwest Homes Inc. has a client base of 58 individuals suffering from various diagnosis such as: Down Syndrome, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Quadriplegia, Angel-man’s Syndrome, Joubert’s Syndrome, Triple X Syndrome, William’s Syndrome, Tourette’s Syndrome, OCD, Schizophrenia, Attention Deficit Disorder, Depression, Anxiety Disorders, Bi-polar disorder, ODD. There are 88 funny, loving, caring, kind, hardworking and gentle staff members that assist with the needs of the clients.

Southwest Homes Inc. is always changing and adapting to needs of the clients and community. Upcoming growth under review is the possibility of 2 new programs for 6-7 people from Valley View Centre. A new program is being established for the emerging needs in the community and they are expanding the Supported Living Program.

Ways you can help:

      • Sign up for the recycling program or snack box to your small business
      • Volunteer to entertain at a house with some music
      • Donation of cash or dry goods always welcome
      • When the need arises donations of household furnishings or clothing is gratefully accepted

Contact Southwest homes at 306-773-7765 for more information about donation of items or ways you can help.

To learn more about Southwest Homes Inc. visit their website at

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