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November 2018 Mercator Financial Inc.’s Charity Spotlight is on the Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation.


A group of concerned citizens who set an initial goal of purchasing a kidney dialysis unit marked the start of the Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation in 1999. The Foundation is an independently operated, community based, regionally focused, volunteer led, charitable, non-profit organization. At the start the Foundation was serving the Swift Current Union Hospital and Palliser, Prairie Pioneers Lodge and Swift Current Care Center. When the Cypress Health Region was formed in 2003, the Foundation adjusted to serve the entire Region.

The goal of the Foundation is to support the Cypress Health Region and to improve the quality and availability of healthcare for all residents of southwest Saskatchewan. Since inception the Foundation has raised money that has been used to fund the purchase of necessary medical equipment for the twenty facilities in the Cypress Health Region. It has also helped with projects in the region and the long-term care facility was their biggest undertaking to date. The foundation reviews all needs for the facilities, big and small, and works hard to ensure the items are obtained so patients in the region have the best possible access to treatment.


Over the past couple of years the Foundation has partnered with many southwest communities to bring much needed equipment and facilities to the region. Working true to the Foundation’s Mission Statement, the projects have improved the quality and availability of healthcare for all residents living in Southwest Saskatchewan.

The era of “on size fits all” care has ended. Realizing this information the Foundation worked hard to gather money to equip and furnish the new Meadow’s long-term care facility in Swift Current. The generous support of the region allowed the “A Welcome Home” project to open the spring of 2016 and will benefit the region for generations to come. The new facility will focus on individual respect and dignity emphasizing flexibility and options creating a positive living experience. Residents will have choices in their activities and interactions.

Completion of the ‘Welcome Home’ project has shifted Foundation focus to the youngest patients in the region – newborns.  The new ‘Maternity Renewal’ campaign has facilitated the purchase of three new birthing beds making mothers in labour more comfortable through the process.  Presently work is being done to purchase Panda Infant Warmers.  The Panda Infant Warmer is a critical piece of life-saving technology designed to help save the lives of newborns. It will weigh the infant and keep him or her at an optimal temperature, it also provides the medical staff with tools to monitor the child, and if necessary, resuscitate, clear airways, provide oxygen and so much more.  The purchase of all the equipment will make the transition from womb to world a more positive experience for both mom and baby.

Healthcare needs are always demanding and staying up to date on technology and equipment for all aspects of patient care and diagnosis means the Foundation’s work never ends.  On top of the ‘Maternity Renewal’ campaign they have been working toward to purchase of a new portable ultra-sound machine which will be dedicated to ER use.  Currently the Cypress Health Region has one, but it is shared between ER, OR, ICU and Anesthetists.

Programs & Annual Events

The Foundation works throughout the year to help patients of all ages in southwest communities. Guided by volunteers the hours put forward hosting numerous events they have been able to improve healthcare in the region.  If you would like to learn more information, support or volunteer at any event listed below contact the foundation at 306-778-3314. 

Fall RadioThonIn MemoriamRotary House
Fun Muddy MayhemPlanning GivingGrateful Patient
Chase the AceLens Implant Program
Charity Golf ClassicChaplaincy Program
Gathering Place Wall
Behind the name – A Tradition of Caring

Named for Dr. Noble T. Irwin (1921 – 1988) a respected Swift Current physician who followed his family’s tradition of dedication and deep caring with regard to health care.

Dr. Noble Totton Irwin served in WWII as a member of the 8th Reconnaissance, 14th Canadian Hussars Regiment. He was severely wounded at Normandy and after his discharge in 1945 he entered medical college. Graduating in 1950 he returned to Swift Current and worked as a general practitioner. In 1957 he returned to the University of Toronto to train in Obstetrics and Gynecology and graduated in 1961.

Dr. Noble T. Irwin is fondly remembered in the community as a kind, sensitive and generous man. Until his retirement in 1984 he cared for mothers-to-be and later their newborns.

The foundation strives to do its work in the same spirit that he embodied for so many years.

  • To learn more visit the Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation website: or call (306) 778-3314 TF: (SK) 866-666-6123

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