Our Engagement Process

Mercator Financial has been helping young families, empty-nesters, business owners, farmers and professionals since 1999. We enjoy working with our clients and having the opportunity to improve their financial lives. We highly recommend our Wealth Planning Process however, if your are unable to commit to comprehensive planning, we can still serve you well. We invite you to explore the two ways you can engage our professional team of financial advisors.
Engaging a Mercator Financial Advisor in our comprehensive financial planning approach is highly recommended. Our experience and wisdom has taught us that our process makes a difference for our clients. It is a commitment but so if financial success and security. Over the years, clients who have embraced this approach have had more intentional success. We would like the opportunity to help you maximize your wealth to better serve what matters most yo you. To see our Wealth Awakening process.
We understand that circumstances may require you to fill a gap in your financial life. This may include protecting your income potential, minimizing taxes or making a decision on a specific financial matter. Whatever your needs, we want yo consider the opportunities to help you make an informed decision. Modular planning allows us to make sure that we fulfill your immediate goals in a timely and appropriate manner. We take pride in providing clients with a broad range of products including investment, insurance and banking solutions. To see our Modular Planning options.

divider-line11The Importance of Financial Planning

Financial Planning is meant to organize your wealth in the most effective and efficient manner and in a way that best serves what you want it to do for you and your family.

To us, Financial Planning considers everything you need to plan for financial certainty and comfort. It is not simply about your investments or your retirement plan, it is all encompassing and it is specific to each of our clients. A Mercator Wealth Advisor would be grateful for the opportunity to assist you in your journey with consideration to the aspects of a financial plan as outlined below:

Without knowing what is truly important to you; your vision of success, your values, your goals and your current situation, it would be difficult to determine what suits you best. Your happiness and financial security are too important and are the reasons why this time spent is a crucial step in your overall plan.