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Modular Planning Thumbnail

Modular Planning

We understand that circumstances may require you to fill a gap in your financial life. This may include protecting your income potential, minimizing taxes or making a decision on a specific financial matter. Whatever your needs, we want to consider the opportunities to help you make an informed decision. Modular planning allows us to make sure that we fulfill your immediate goals in a timely and appropriate manner.  

Retirement Lifestyle Planning

Retirement can mean different things to different people. Clearly, how you see your life in retirement is going to significantly impact how we help you prepare financially for your retirement. Your vision better ensures we set up your plan to effectively meet your goals.

Managing Your Investments

Many people think managing a portfolio of investments is simply a matter of choosing between risk and reward and finding the best performing investments. There is more to it than that! We weigh important considerations before making decisions with your money including management fees, diversification, taxation, preservation, protection and income needs. All of these variables have equal importance when determining what investments best suit your situation.

Effective and Efficient Estate Transfer

By understanding how you wish to distribute your wealth upon death, we can help ensure this is done properly. The transfer of wealth to the next generation or planning charitable giving requires proper planning and we prefer this be done well. We work with you and your other advisors to help you maximize your wishes to the benefit of you and your estate. Estate planning is not solely for the wealthy.

Contingencies in Your Life and Business

Making good financial decisions is not just about moving forward it is also about protecting your current income, lifestyle and resources. Planning ahead will reduce the impact of uncertainties in your life and will uncover some of the financial risks you could face in the event of disability, death, critical illness or the need for long term care. We educate and provide you with options to protect yourself from these uncertainties.

Minimizing the Impact of Taxes on Your Income and Wealth

Taxes are a part of life. In fact, the only thing exciting about them is finding ways to minimize their burden! We will be proactive in implementing suitable strategies to reduce your taxes in order to ensure you retain more of your wealth. The ultimate objective is more for you and less for the tax man!